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ACV vs. RCV: Are you covered correctly?

Don’t wait until you’re filing a claim to understand replacement value coverage. ACV, RCV — the difference is more than a letter.

7 tips for financially forward thinking

We should be thinking about our finances, but not enough of us are. Hmmm. So let's find ways to rethink our personal finances.

Finding sanity through minimalism

In this piece, we offer tips, strategies and encouragement for those who want a more uncluttered home, mindset and lifestyle.

Lights, camera & meeting mastery!

From lighting and camera position to some handy keystroke shortcuts, we offer some tips to help anyone get more out of webcam meetings.

So you’ve got renters insurance. Now what?

You’ve got renters insurance; now you’re, like, what happens next. Or, what happens when you need us most? We've got answers.

Hints for a healthier, happier home office

We’ve got some much-needed hints for working from home. Time to optimize your WFH space for max comfort and productivity.

7 steps to decoding and building your credit

Credit: It’s enigmatic, but like it or not, it’s essential. Learn the basic vocabulary, the rules and how to build, repair and maintain your score.

Do I really need to buy renters insurance?

Why you should buy renters insurance to cover water damage, medical bills, replacement costs and damages to your personal property.

Ready to discover the joys of pet parenting?

Ready to adopt a pet? This blog is for dog or cat finders & new pet owners. The secrets of a loving home, small-dog adoption & health.

How to modernize any apartment rental

“Own” your rental with these apartment design and decorating tips: floating shelves, room dividers, open concept and more.

Become the expert apartment renter

From top apartment-search tips to a renter's toolbox to kitchen essentials to getting the right amount of Toggle® renters insurance coverage.

How much does renters insurance really cost?

A quick rundown on the average cost of renters insurance, coverage amounts and liability insurance explained like a real person.

Are you a member of the adulting elite?

Basic life skills for adulting; Toggle® presents adulting advice, problem-solving & life skills for young people. Everything you need for success.

Save that money: a few golden ideas for you

Top tips for saving money, stretching money and learning how to budget. Plus, learn how to use saving apps to keep you on track.

How much renters insurance do I need?

Do renters need insurance? Find out about required renters insurance levels, quotes, costs & liability claims as well as what insurance covers.

The ultimate toolbox for a first apartment

Learn the must-have tools for an apartment renter with this toolkit. Master the putty knife, claw hammer and needle-nose pliers.

Get your side hustle on to make extra money

Boost your quarterly profits and lift your earnings estimate for the year; learn how to put cash in your pocket while expanding your wallet.

Does renters insurance have any benefits?

Who pays for the damage caused by a stove fire? What happens if my dog takes a chunk out of my BFF? What about medical bills?

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