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Are you a member of the adulting elite?

Basic life skills for adulting; Toggle® presents adulting advice, problem-solving & life skills for young people. Everything you need for success.

Save that money: a few golden ideas for you

Top tips for saving money, stretching money and learning how to budget. Plus, learn how to use saving apps to keep you on track.

How much renters insurance do I need?

Do renters need insurance? Find out about required renters insurance levels, quotes, costs & liability claims as well as what insurance covers.

The ultimate toolbox for a first apartment

Learn the must-have tools for an apartment renter with this toolkit. Master the putty knife, claw hammer and needle-nose pliers.

Get your side hustle on to make extra money

Boost your quarterly profits and lift your earnings estimate for the year; learn how to put cash in your pocket while expanding your wallet.

Does renters insurance have any benefits?

Who pays for the damage caused by a stove fire? What happens if my dog takes a chunk out of my BFF? What about medical bills?

The art of dealing with life stress

Life sucks. Occasionally. Learn how to deal with it. A compendium of coping strategies that will leave you feeling happy, healthy and whole.

Everything you need to find a dream apartment

Here's the ultimate checklist to help find, secure and move into your favorite pad. Follow this, and you will be on your landlord's good side.

How to be the best roommate ever

Finding the most perfect roommate ever really isn't necessary if you follow our series of guidelines to maintain peace and harmony.

A-game relationship advice. Are you ready?

Building a relationship to last for the long haul is completely doable. But you need to keep your eye on the prize. We tell all in this article.

My apartment flooded. Now what?

Stuff happens. Messy, expensive stuff. Stuff that having the right amount of Renters Insurance can help you with type stuff.

13 must-have essentials for your new kitchen

You got a new apartment. Now you need to equip it with the smartest kitchen gear you can. Plus, we included a special recipe bonus. 

To fix renters insurance, we had to break it first

To design flexible insurance for the modern apartment renter, we had to start all over again. Meet Toggle® and let's Toggle On.

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