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Adulting Made Easy

Toggle Perks: A new gold standard in perk excellence

We’ve perked up perks where they needed perking. Read this blog to discover the advantages
being a Toggler, plus ways to save with our perks.

Mission Totally Possible: Driving Eco-Friendly

It’s time to come together and protect the world from excessive carbon emissions. Your first mission: driving eco-friendly with tips from this blog.

7 steps to decoding and building your credit


Credit: It’s enigmatic, but like it or not, it’s essential. Learn the basic vocabulary, the rules and how to build, repair and maintain your score.

Earn Your Blackbelt in Insurance Customization


Custom renters insurance is power. In capable hands it can be harnessed to protect the most precious thingymajigs and doodads in your life. Right now you stand on the precipice of mastering this art.



Ditch the Faux Paws: Design-Centric Pet Proofing Ideas

Preparing for a cute new roomie but also want to maintain your cute aesthetic? This blog has pet proofing ideas that help maximize safety and style.

The Dawn of Renters Insurance. What Even Is It?

Still unsure about renters insurance? In this blog, we break it down so even a cave person can understand it.

Mood boosters to blast you through this year

Buckle up, we’re blasting your mood off into the new year. This blog is a feel good romp of GIFs, tips and personal empowerment.

Are we there yet? Yep. It's a local road trip.

A ballad for the open road. Put on your seat belt, we’re taking your weekend from 0 to 60  with our local road trip planner.

Moving story: a new lease on love

Fall in love with a new place in town or across state lines?
Either way, we’re tagging along to keep that love unbreakable.

Rover Meets Renter: Dog Tricks Landlords Love

Finding a dog friendly apartment can be ruff. Use these tricks to become a great dog parent and star tenant no landlord wants to turn down.

11 ice-cold keys to driving this winter

A crash-less course in winter driving to help you keep your cool once the white stuff starts coming down — no roadside assistance required.

The side hustle crisis that sunk Cyber Monday

A new holiday tale about how Side Hustle® coverage can help you protect your gig life, tools and extra income when your hobbies go pro.

Working from home not working?

Working remotely can be a dream. Or an absolute nightmare. Let’s get down to business correcting our worst WFH habits.

Creators gonna create. Makers gonna make.

The drive to create is unstoppable. Unless something happens to the tools you use to create or make. So we had to get a little crafty.

Meal planning: Save time & money tastily

Busy lives are filled with takeout boxes. Let’s get our kitchens in order and start meal planning to live healthier and save some money.

Toggle Renters + Auto: Best combo since PB&J

Studded belts and stilettos. Hip-hop and country. Custom renters and car insurance. This blog goes out to the glorious combos doing the most.

Bathroom to roomier: make your loo lovelier

Renter friendly bathroom remodeling, organization and decor tips to turn your shame cave into a zen zone you’ll totally love.

Sassy dolphins: a case for tech coverage

8 reasons to have Toggle tech coverage instead of a relying on a bowl of rice (or the warranty from that big fruit tech company).

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