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Insurance Made Easy

The Toggle home sweet super-insured home

You bought a new home. Now it’s time to insure it. What’s covered, how does it all work and which plan is right for you and your unique life?

Understanding car insurance rates

Want to save money on car insurance? Discover what affect car insurance rates and learn how to lower them with this helpful guide.

The tale of the uninsured motorist

Unexplained mysteries explained: the ups, downs, details, medical costs and lost wages associated with uninsured motorists.

The One: The perfect kind of car for you

Thinking about a new car? Not sure which kind is right? We pull over to run down every flavor of vehicle to help you consider. 

Roadside assistance versus calling a friend

No more roadside riddles. We will unpack all the mysteries of Roadside Assistance. You should never be stuck somewhere without help.

I got into an accident. Now what?

If you're in a car accident, follow these steps: printable checklist, guidelines for safety, calling 911, assessing damage, making a claim.

Auto insurance deductibles: Who pays?

Understanding auto insurance deductibles. What are they? How much do I pay? How can I get lower monthly payments?

Become an auto insurance influencer

Become an auto insurance social media influencer for auto insurance coverages and understand the five types of car insurances out there.

DIY tips for a happier, healthier home

Your home should make you happy. Here's a bunch of easy tips that will help you increase positivity and happiness around your home.

Lease or Buy: the fight of the century

Is it better to lease or buy a car? Discover everything you need to make your decision: hidden fees, auto repair costs and building equity.

The Art of Joy Driving: the road to fun

Supporting the gas station slushy industry, making playlists, and meditating in traffic jams. We’re bringing joy back to the road.

What’s life insurance, a last will, and whodunit?

How to make a will, the importance of life insurance, and poor Charlotte’s demise. Nothing is left unsolved in this triple-feature murder mystery.

Picky pays: Eco-friendly apartment hunting

On the market for a new apartment? Refine your search to the green and gorgeous - eco apartments. The planet will thank you.

Car buying tips: getting ready for the face-off

Buying cars can feel high stakes. For you and the seller. With these car shopping tips, you’re bound to win every car buying face-off.

Smart home essentials for smart apartments

The perfect apartment has a high IQ. Here’s a guide to fostering your apartment’s intelligence with renter friendly smart devices.

The Credit Chatroom: enter & soar

Talking about your credit score and history can be touchy. Luckily, you can enter our chatroom to get your questions answered privately.

The 100% essential eco apartment checklist

Easily the most obvious blog we’ve ever written: a checklist of green apartment living tips, written simply, to make sure they actually get done. 

Teacher's pet: Unleash doggy daycare success

Your dog’s first day at doggy daycare is a big pet parent milestone. Here are the training and preparation tips to make your pup the star pupil. 

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