The One: The perfect kind of car for you

The reluctant goodbye.

There Kerry was, on the shoulder of Highway 108, her vintage 2004 Swedish-manufactured hatchback gasping for its last breath like a fish out of water.

red station wagon on white snowPhoto by Lucas Marcomini on Unsplash

Officer Pete ambles over, clipboard in hand, a sympathetic tilt to his mustache as he peers at her odometer. “200K miles? This car’s seen some things,” he quips, as Kerry chuckles despite her predicament. “But maybe it’s time to retire your grandma’s hoopty and invest in a reliable car.”

_0015_GettyImages-200380196-001-1Kerry’s mind starts racing at the thought of replacing her beloved hatchback. Sure, the engine overheats on the regular, and the interior smells like feet. But still, this car has been her companion for a decade. With so many options for car types, where oh where does she begin in a new car-buying journey?

_0013_GettyImages-1418197660Meet CarMagnet: the car dating app. 

Kerry just downloaded a new car dating tool where cars have dating profiles in order to hook up with you and win your heart. A great solution for finding “the one” among hundreds of eligible rides.

Okay, it’s not a real dating app, but rather the star metaphor in a blog we created to help you find car love. We do auto insurance, we’re innovative and we have a way with words: Meet Toggle® Auto insurance, the most modern auto insurance coverage you can get.

Oh, and BTW, what car you pick could help you live a bigger, better, fuller life, so let’s swipe right on “the One.”jon-koop-khYVyHiNZo0-unsplash(1)Photo by Jon Koop on Unsplash

Sedan serenity.

First up is “Sensible Doug.” Good ol’ Doug is a four-door Sedan: affordable, practical, with room for five adults and the peace and calm of a Zen garden on wheels. And he’s got more airbags than a politician has excuses, and his stability control sticks to the road like gossip in a small town. Doug is the kind of car that gives you a reassuring pat on the butt with every safety feature. And his fuel efficiency? Let’s just say he’s more sip than gulp. Safe driving fools, please apply.

Okay, reading about Sedans may lull some readers asleep, so check out our blog, The Art of Joy Driving, to put some energy back into your search.

red car parked beside wall with graffitiPhoto by Andre Tan on Unsplash

Coupe class.

Cue “Cooper, the Coupe,” the faster, feistier, more romantic two-door version of the Sedan. Meaning “cut” or “tailored” in French, Coupe is basically the same car frame underneath as ol’ Doug, but cut or reconfigured to comfortably seat two. Pure adrenaline. They usually have more room for the engine and less room for luggage and back seat passengers. Sexier, and more fun, most people swipe right on the Coupe. Kerry does too.

a woman laying on a bed in the back of a carPhoto by Aly Ramirez on Unsplash

Hatchback hijinks.

“Henri Hatchback” appears on her screen. The Hatchback is a master class in spatial economics. If you love junk in your trunk, Hatchback has back seats that fold down like a circus contortionist, so it’s ready to swallow your gear whole—from pickleball paddles to that bass amp you’re moving for your carless brother. Kerry continues to swipe, as these dutiful options aren’t quite hitting. Motor vehicles are trickier than you think.

Lifestyle portrait of a carefree woman dressed casually in bright sweater and hat sitting on the car hoodPhoto on Unsplash+

The convertible chronicles.

Then there’s “Mr. Fancy,” the Convertible, with a sunroof that opens wide, as in all the way off; he’s fun and flashy, with a powerful engine and heated seats for a warm embrace of the buns on chilly mornings. Pleasure driving at its finest. Designed into the windscreen is a wind deflector that keeps your hairdo more “salon” and less “safari.” You gotta love driving to appreciate it. Kerry swipes again, intrigued but not quite ready for his flair. Mind the speed limits if you decide to try this one.

_0003_kelly-sikkema-XXherw1ujoI-unsplash-1Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Crossover cupids.

Enter “Crossover Casey,” with the higher ground clearance of an SUV and the handling of a Sedan. Casey’s like the lovechild of a tall coffee combined with a green tea—part energized, part chill. Begging for adventure, Crossover Casey’s all-wheel drive is ready for a mud-slinging good time, while the parking sensors are like a luxury personal assistant, breathing quiet encouragement in your ears as you reverse. Adjust your seat; here comes Casey.

Young African American man in smart casual business wear, using phone sitting in the car, side view.Photo on Unsplash+

Luxury cads.

“Luxury Larry” is up next. Classy, elegant and tasteful, Larry whispers of leather interiors so soft, you’ll want to apologize for the dalliance to your living room sofa. His keyless entry is like a magic spell—utter “open sesame,” and he obeys. His climate control isn’t just about air; it’s a bespoke indoor weather system, ensuring you’re as cool as a cucumber or cozy as a holiday onesie. Makes any traffic jam a breeze or boast, should we say. Drowning now in vehicle information, Kerry hungrily swipes again, feeling she’s getting close.

woman in black and white floral dress sitting on red car hood during daytimePhoto by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Sports car sass.

“Sporty Scott” is all muscle, no fat—a gym junkie in car form, with an exhaust note that growls like an uncorked motorcycle. His paddle shifters flick through gears with the sass of a talk show host, and his adaptive suspension reads the road better than a psychic reads palms. The true benefits of driving begin with Scott.

If sports car sass got you excited, you need to read this: instructions for how to road-trip. (our handy instructions)

_0000_oswald-elsaboath-xvW0hCsFDQM-unsplash-1Photo by Oswald Elsaboath on Unsplash

SUV shenanigans.

Here comes “SUV Johnny,” the go-anywhere, do-anything family room on wheels with a seating capacity of as much as nine. He is sturdy, practical, with a handsome high ground clearance and rugged looks like he’s ready to camp in the wild at a moment’s notice. Truth be known, he’s mostly “dad bod” underneath and better at tackling parking at the mall. His cargo space is magical, like an English nanny’s handbag, and his off-road capability a nod to his wilder days. Johnny’s so family-oriented he might as well come with a golden retriever and a soccer ball.

water sprinkles from pickup truckPhoto by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

Truck love.

Her finger hovers over “Truck Travis,” a beast with a bed that’s more accommodating than your favorite aunt at Thanksgiving. Part cowboy, part workhorse, he’s the rolling embodiment of “bring it on,” with tow hooks that could probably pull the moon in a little closer if you asked nicely. All-American and proud of it, this country boy is ready to haul no matter what the terrain. “Not quite,” she muses and swipes again, surprised at how many choices there truly are!

a man sitting in a chair next to a vanPhoto by Elisabeth Jurenka on Unsplash+

Minivan mirth.

“Maury the Minivan” isn’t just a car; he’s a rolling embassy of peace in the war zone of family logistics. With sliding doors that open like a Broadway show and enough cup holders to host your entire book club, Maury turns chaos into calm with cruise control set to chill. Your playlists can’t wait to start syncing. Oh and lots of men say minivans are way hotter than SUVs: read all about it here.

Sunny weather. Holding smartphone and charging the vehicle. Young stylish man is with electric car at daytime.Photo by Unsplash+

Hybrid heaven.

And finally there’s “Hybrid Hilary,” a silent operator who sneaks up quieter than a cat. She’s part electric, part gas, and all parts fuel economy and cool. She knows all the rules of the road. Just driving is her motto.

That reminds us, we wrote a blog about eco-friendly car tips. Check that out, then we’ll reveal who Kerry picks next.

group of people setting up campfirePhoto by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

Kerry’s conclusion.

Kerry leans back, a smile on her face. The CarMagnet app has turned car shopping from a chore into a chorus of chuckles and romantic charm. From the sensible to the sporty, the luxurious to the economical, each car is a character, each feature a punch line in the stand-up routine of life.

With a wink and a decisive tap, she picks her new partner in crime—a hybrid that’s as quirky as it is clever, as fun as it is frugal. Yes, it will save money. Together, they’re set to star in the upcoming story of her life’s road trip. That old Swedish rust bucket way back at the beginning of the blog may have been her ride or die, but her new whip? Ain’t no hoopty. 

It’s her spaceship to the stars, armed with a cup holder for her latte and Pet Passenger™ coverage for her furry copilot; all of which can be added to her Toggle Auto insurance. So fun.

Before you finally choose a car, you need to think about price and some other considerations that are covered in this lovely blog. Good luck in finding car love!

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