The tale of the uninsured motorist


JESSICA: Main character; hardworking, hates traffic jams, early 30s. 

VILLAIN: Unidentified. Uninsured. Practices distracted driving

HERO: Toggle®, a modern car insurance company. Wardrobe; cape.

It was midnight in a small suburban town, where the highlight of the week was usually the local delivery guy’s impressive adrenaline levels. The streets were silent and the stars quietly twinkled above as the townsfolk slept, blissfully unaware of the low-speed drama about to unfold near one of their driveways.

There, parked under the soft glow of the streetlight, was Jessica’s car. It was an unremarkable car but cherished by its owner—a reliable companion to grocery store jaunts and rushed morning commutes.

Full moon over a cityscape

The sun peeked over the horizon, and Jessica hustled out to her trusty steed ready to tackle the day. Buckled in, she put her car in drive and carefully pulled out when her story suddenly takes a very weird turn. Actually, it was an uninsured motorist, taking a weird turn straight into the side of Jessica’s car after he read a text from his ex-wife’s lawyer. The accident was mild, but the sound of metal scraping against metal was cacophonic. 

Sobbing, but okay, she got out of her car. She looked at the man. She looked at her car. The entire passenger side of her once-perfect ride had dastardly amounts of damage. A crumpled metal texture dappled with jagged highlights, reflecting in the early morning light.

Before she could panic a second more, a figure emerged from the dissipating morning fog. Not an ordinary passerby; this was her own personal phantom superhero, stepping into her reality at her exact time of need. 

 “Who…who are you?” Jessica stammered.

Pink neon coffee cup

With a warm, reassuring voice, the stranger produced a cup of calming chamomile tea from under their cape and began to outline the salvation that awaited her. “I’m your uninsured motorist auto coverage. Unfortunately, uninsured drivers are out there, driving around, colliding with stuff. Just now, one collided with you and may leave you with the bill. But, come nearer, sit on this magical chair I just pulled out of thin air. Relax into the policy coverage details of what I can offer. Let me regale you with information about the type of coverage that can help cover the cost of these damages.”

Jessica, still staring at their cape, said, “Tell me everything about uninsured motorist coverage,” as she sat down in front of the resplendent stranger-in-the-early-morning fog. 

“Well, to begin with,” they said, “you should really see the stats on the number of uninsured drivers out there. They are a bit worrying.” 

Accident scene at night with towtruck and police motorcycle.Photo by Matt C on Unsplash

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

“Now you shall not fear the prospect of inadequate coverage from the culprit who ruined your car in the early morning light. Depending on which state you live in, your policy can be ready to step in, potentially covering all of the auto repairs to restore your motor vehicle to its former glory.”

“Wow. Magic?” Jessica asked.

“No. Toggle Auto,” replied the dashing stranger. Yes, Toggle could help pay for the damage.

Uninshured-_0002_lawrence-hookham-zroN3H-I88I-unsplashPhoto by Lawrence Hookham on Unsplash

Medical Expenses

She let out a relieved sigh and drew a sip of her tea. Our hero continued on—“you look fine, suffering not a scratch, but if you were injured, uninsured motorist coverage could help pay for your medical treatment, for amounts over what your existing medical insurance would cover. ‘Tis not all your financial burden to bear’…is the general goal. You get the idea.” 

“Fix your gaze,” they said, “...on this. A report of sorts on drivers’ piling up medical debt from being involved in an accident.” So yes, you can save money in the end; merely Toggle On℠ our optional uninsured motorist coverage.

Woman's hands holding an open wallet.Loss of Wages

Jessica turned to them, now with a question, one that really scared her. “Geez, I hadn’t thought of that. What if I had gotten hurt and not been able to go to work?” They took her empty mug and disappeared it back under their costume. “If this incident had robbed you of your ability to earn, your Toggle Auto policy could help cover some of the costs of living while mending. Your Toggle policy is designed to help you get back on your feet.”

Dark residential street

Jessica listened, her earlier dismay fading into a smile. This unexpected visit would become a fond tale to tell, one where the strange superhero transformed a potential disaster into a testament to her prudence in choosing her Toggle Auto insurance policy, which began with a simple quote.

She had read this Toggle Auto blog earlier in the year, familiarized herself with the virtues of Toggle and now was quite proud of the good choices she had made. 

Yellow car

In time, the car, once marred, was soon mended, bearing no trace of that nasty morning mishap. It wasn’t just a motor vehicle; it was a testament to the assurance that comes with foresight—the kind of carefulness that had the owner opting for uninsured motorist auto coverage. And as life returned to its quiet routine, the memory of the dent became nothing more than an anecdote, a lighthearted tale of a stranger who turned a potential catastrophe into nothing more than a tiny bump in the road.

And so, Jessica was happy. Partly because she did a car insurance comparison and Toggled On uninsured motorist coverage, but also because she Toggled up a higher limit with additional coverage for more protection. And partly because she was familiar with the joy of driving

The end. 

Note: Uninsured Motorist coverage is considered supplemental coverage to your Toggle Auto policy.

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