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It seemed to us that the way many auto insurance companies do auto insurance is pretty outdated. And by outdated, we mean like a tan sedan with macramé seat covers and a CD player that was only driven by a grandmother on Sundays. So, we decided, just like we did with renters insurance, that it was time to modernize it for a new generation. Why not make the whole thing smarter, more streamlined, easier, more convenient and more customizable to your needs and your life? Why not fully leverage the power of the internet? And help you save money in the process. We can do this! We have the technology!

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Modern coverage for modern people.

Here’s one difference between auto insurance created in the internet age and auto insurance created in the days of the landline. You are in the driver’s seat! You’re in charge of making choices about your coverage because no one knows you like you do. Just pop onto, and you’re on the road to getting the coverage you want in minutes. And even though we have an all-new way of doing this, you have the confidence of knowing we’re backed by Farmers®, who’s been insuring drivers since the days when people started their cars by turning one of those cranks like you see in movies sometimes. So, you don’t have to worry when it comes to handling claims and stuff. We’ve got this.

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Fresh as farmers market produce!

When you compare car insurance the Toggle® way against the old-school way, you’ll quickly see it’s quite simple. You just need to enter your name, address, date of birth and when you think you want your coverage to start. Then, bam – you get a quote! No need to answer a slew of questions. It takes less than a minute – perfect for the on-demand age that we live in. This is the way it’s built, but of course there’s more to love than just that!

  • Comprehensive & Collision. All this stuff about separating collision and comprehensive coverage is complicated, confusing and, frankly, kind of a headache. So, we combined them to simplify everything. Duh. Why didn’t someone think of this years ago?

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  • Pet PassengerTM. Hey, pets are part of the family. They also love road trips. So, if your dog, or cat, or turtle, or parakeet, or boa constrictor likes to ride shotgun, Toggle OnSM Pet PassengerTM, and they have coverage.
  • Side Hustle® Auto. If your car is central to your hustle, you don’t have to worry. We’re top notch when it comes to covering your rideshare and/or food delivery side hustle. If you Toggle OnSM ‘Side Hustle Auto’ we extend all the protection offered under your personal auto policy to help cover gaps in coverage that may exist with the company you are driving for. And we also cover you against loss of income when your vehicle is in the shop for repairs if you happen to get into a fender bender. We even cover damage to your phone! Because we know that is your conduit to income.1
  • Temporary Ride Coverage. The old way of helping when your car is on the sideline is for an insurance company to hook you up with a rental car. That seems limiting. So, we hook you up with cash instead. That’s freeing! You’ll get a daily stipend to spend however you want (choose $30 or $50). Perhaps you want to rent a scooter or take the bus and pocket the difference. We’re not here to supervise how you get around. It’s up to you.

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  • New Car Replacement. There’s nothing worse than getting a new car and then seeing it get wrecked. Especially if your auto insurance only covers the depreciated value. So, if your car is less than two years old, has less than 24,000 miles and you Toggled OnSM New Car Replacement, you can get a new car and you don’t take it in the shorts!
  • People to Chat with When You Need Them. You’re not on your own when it comes to handling a claim or getting your car repaired.2 We have claims people you can chat with and who will give you white-glove service. They’ll help you handle your claim, upload photos and get an estimate online. They can also recommend trustable repair shops in your area so you can rest assured that your car will be fixed right.

Let us handle the messy breakup.

Hey, it’s no fun to give anyone the news that you want to break up. Even an auto insurance company! So, leave it to us. And don’t worry, we’ll let them down easy with the old “It’s not you, it’s us” routine.

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There’s even more on the road ahead.

As you can see, we’re getting Toggle® Auto insurance off the ground with a lot of great new thinking, but this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning of our mission to change the car insurance industry. More great thinking is on the way. One example is carbon offsets, where we are striving to offset every mile our customers drive* to do our part (and help you do your part) to protect the environment with Cool Effect.

*Based on the USDOT national average of miles driven per year.

Celebrate a new day in auto insurance by checking us out.

These are kind of like the days when GPS navigation replaced the dusty paper map in the glove compartment — only it’s for auto insurance. We can get you set up in a few simple clicks. We can get you great coverage that you customize to your needs. We can probably even save you some money and give you a policy that DOESN’T fit you like a cheap suit. So, check us out. And see how digital natives do auto insurance.

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