Become an auto insurance influencer

Become an auto insurance influencer. 

Many people today are pondering a career as a celebrity social media influencer. Start with a content niche in order to create and optimize your content — ideally, something on which you can exhibit unparalleled expertise. Get this right and you can attract millions of followers and brands could line up hoping to partner with you. At this point, perhaps Toggle® Auto Insurance will come to your mind. Hey, a brand can dream. 

Although there are a few insurance social media stars out there, there aren’t very many “auto insurance influencers” at the moment. 

Here is a fast track to worldwide auto insurance fame. There are five important auto insurance coverages, which is fascinating, and talking about these may set off a real “like-fest” on social media. 

Girl taking selfie in red coatLiability insurance.

Nothing gets the clicks like talking about a car accident. Liability insurance can kick in when an accident is determined to be your fault. Toggle has split its Liability insurance into two types, so you can easily customize both to your liking. Bodily Injury Liability can help cover accidental injury to others that you, or whoever was driving your car, are obligated to pay for if you’re found at fault. This kind of coverage is mandatory in almost every state with a minimum amount decided by each state’s laws, but that minimum can be so low, it doesn’t actually offer as much protection as you may need. It’s typically wise to buy more coverage than your state’s required minimum limits because (1) the minimum can be unrealistically low and (2) if damages you’re responsible for exceed that limit, you may have to pay the remainder of someone’s injury costs. 

Image of a red car being towed/recovered which was involved in a road traffic collision.Photo by Usman Malik on Unsplash

Toggle also offers Property Damage Liability with limits you can customize as well. This coverage helps pay for damage to someone else's property if you or the driver of your vehicle are found legally obligated to pay. It’s also mandatory coverage in almost all states, and it’s smart to choose a limit a bit more than the state minimum. Imagine rear-ending a BMW into a Mercedes. Damages you are responsible for can add up quickly.

You wouldn’t want to run the risk of having to pay a large amount of money out of pocket because your policy limit for Property Damage Liability has been exceeded. Remember, each state has its own regulations and limits; they vary, and they can often be so low that you’re not able to cover extensive property damage. 

Man and woman sitting on the hood of a car in the sunsetPhoto by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Collision & comprehensive coverage.

Toggle conveniently provides two additional, but critical, types of coverage that your followers will want to know about. Collision coverage offers you protection if your car was damaged in a covered accident with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive coverage can help you cover damage to your car that is not related to a typical car accident (like a tree falling on your car). 

First, Collision coverage helps pay for repairs after a covered crash, or possibly current market value if your car is totaled (where the cost to repair exceeds the depreciated value of the vehicle). If your car is older, you may want to reconsider this option because the monthly premium payments can add up to be more than the value of the car. If you have a more expensive car or one that is relatively new, Collision coverage is most likely a must and can help you get back to where you were before any damage happened. Note: If you have a lienholder, they may require Collision coverage.

Here's some quick clarity on the definition from Cornell Law.

Cracked car windshieldSecond, Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damages from unexpected, unpredictable stuff that doesn’t involve a crash with another car or fixed object. Think tornado damage, theft, or windshield cracks from hail, as well as damage from a random animal; it’s coverage for non-collision situations. If your car is expensive or brand new and you can afford to get this coverage, it’s a good idea. If a car is easily replaceable, get the calculator out and add up the monthly premium payments versus the value of your car. Note: If you have a lienholder, they will likely require Comprehensive coverage. 

Better yet, if you have a brand-new car, consider toggling on the New Car Replacement option: We’re proud of this great insurance coverage option. When a new car is in a wreck, Collision coverage only addresses the depreciated value of your vehicle. But the New Car Replacement coverage from Toggle can get you a brand-new car if your ride is less than two years old and has less than 24,000 miles. We know, it's great.

Ambulance driving with lights onPersonal injury protection/medical payments coverage.

All your followers need to know this: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay) are coverages everyone who is eligible should consider adding to their Toggle policy. Fixing a car is one thing. Fixing a person can be far more expensive. Medical costs associated with an accident can skyrocket. PIP or MedPay coverage can help you pay your medical bills, along with those of your passengers, no matter who is at fault for the accident. Note: PIP and MedPay are not available in all states, so check on that. 

Man on cell phone at the scene of a car accident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. 

Make sure your social media followers understand this: almost all states have laws that mandate every driver is insured, at least to some extent. But the mandated Liability coverage in your state can be so minimal, it may not cover the cost of your injuries in an accident when the other driver is at fault. If this happens, you may not receive compensation for damages they legally owe you. They call this an “underinsured motorist” situation. 

Then — a completely different situation — a completely uninsured driver is driving around hoping nothing happens, and they accidentally slam into you. If they are found at fault, you may not get any of the money you're legally owed to pay your medical bills and other damages. Uninsured Motorist Protection can help you in both situations and, thank goodness, it’s easy to Toggle On™. 

Uninsured property damage coverage. 

Finally, your followers will definitely want to know about this coverage. Underinsured/Uninsured Property Coverage is the kind that helps pay for damage to your vehicle or property caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. It’s not required,  but is easy to Toggle On™. So definitely consider toggling that one on. 

Man with sunglasses inside green carPhoto by Jimmy Chang on Unsplash

Well, that’s everything you need to post about to become a celebrity auto insurance influencer. For content and ideas, feel free to share anything in this blog with your audience. Good luck. And consider Toggle your first follower. 

For Platinum influencer status, you’ll want to broaden your Toggle knowledge by learning about the Pet PassengerTM add-on. And if anyone wants a quick quote, send them to our Toggle Auto Insurance price quote page.

Oh, one last thing: If this auto insurance social media influencer thing turns into a reliable gig, you should think about Side Hustle® coverage from Toggle. We explain all that in this Toggle Side Hustle blog.

The information included in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional or expert advice. It is based on research and the collective experiences of the Toggle Team and has not been verified by any academic institutions, government organizations, or world-renowned scholars, but it does make a lot of sense and we do hope you find it useful. We encourage you to use your own good judgment about what’s appropriate for you.

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