The side hustle crisis that sunk Cyber Monday

It was the night before Cyber Monday, and all the side hustlers were working hard. Throwing ceramics. Designing free-trade, carbon-neutral greeting cards. Firing up their online stores. Then a roar breaks through the hustle and bustle: “WHO SPILLED COFFEE ON MY DJ TABLES!?” The side hustlers gasped in horror. They knew that hustler’s lost revenue could have been theirs. The need for protection was abundantly clear. So they took out their devices and queried, “How do I get renters insurance that covers my side hustle stuff?”

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Crisis, meet Side Hustle® Coverage.

Okay, let’s drop the storybook shtick. We know side hustles are serious business that deserve protection. So we sat down at the insurance workbench and got tinkering to make a coverage option that helps cover the business-end of your personal life. Something special to have side hustlers’ backs and help you protect the pricey personal property you depend on to make extra cash, if something goes awry. In short, Toggle® Side Hustle coverage is your side hustle’s ultimate sidekick. Let’s get into what this coverage can offer your gig. 

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1. Protection for your very important business...things.

We don’t know what your hustle is. What we DO know is that the cost of the tools to do it can really add up quick. And, if they break, that’s a big problem for your small business. Since side hustles are insanely diverse we don’t have a comprehensive list of what’s covered. Instead, we made Side Hustle coverage as an add-on that extends your existing coverage to the tools of your part-time trade. (Pretty different from vanilla, cover my stuff renters insurance, right?) And since a broken tool can mess up your revenue stream, we made this coverage extend to help you protect your income.

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2. Lost compensation protection.

Some people hustle out of passion. Others do it because they have some brilliant passive income ideas. Either way, your side hustle is a whole small business. If something happens to your stuff and turns off the money tap, we can cover up to $2,000 in lost compensation. Our espresso-scented DJ from the story above would certainly be happy to hear that.

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3.  A bigger pocket for legal fees.

Ah, legal fees. One of the most exhilarating parts of any business. As exciting as they are, we hope you never have to think about them. But if you do get sued for breach of contract because, say, your tools break right before the next big gig, we can help you pay up to $10,000 of your legal fees.

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4.  Hater protection.

Sadly, haters still exist. They might be another person. Or a brand. Every so often they might accuse nice people like you of damaging their reputation on social media. We can’t make them go away. But in the event that happens, our policy also provides coverage for that as well (up to applicable limits). Your monthly renters insurance price is definitely cheaper than that.

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5.  Going places? We travel with you.

So you’re taking your hustle international. Awesome. We’re tagging along. Toggle was made to help you cover your stuff where you are, not just inside the walls of your rental. We don’t just cover your stuff in your home. So even if those DJ tables break at home or at some international gig, you can keep the protection humming along. After all, renters insurance is for you, the renter. Otherwise, we’d call it apartment insurance.

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“Gig life Is life.” —Literally Everyone

These days everyone has a side hustle. Or at least knows someone who has one. We love to see it. (We’re also perplexed why all the other renters insurance companies haven’t caught on.) Try to spot your hustle in this impressively long list we’ve assembled: social media influencer, freelancer, jewelry maker, weekend wedding photographer, fashion blogger, travel blogger, renters insurance comparison blogger, maybe we should have just said blogger, drop shipper, occasional real estate agent, moonlighting graphic designer, web designer, virtual assistant, house-sitting expert, pottery maker, weekend DJ, pet groomer, food deliverer and rideshare driver. (No worries if yours isn’t in there, no blog post could possibly contain them all.) Now let’s see if your thing is a hobby, a hustle or a full-time business.

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Bigger than a hobby. Still not your main hustle.

This coverage is made for people who turned their hobbies into a legit part time job. (If you’re just a dabbler, Creative + Maker coverage may be what you’re looking for.) People logging hours for their passions but haven’t made it their main hustle yet. If doing that thing is your dream and you make under $25k a year from doing it, you came to the right spot. You’re exactly who we made this monthly renters insurance add-on for. Now let’s turn the page and discover the wonderful ways it can help you cover everything you’re hustling for.

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“What if my hustle uses my car?” —Road Hustlers

Wow, you’re an entrepreneur with perfect timing. A couple of months ago we would have said, “We’re working on it.” Now? Toggle Auto has officially hit the road with Side Hustle for people who earn some side cash by slinging rides. Those could be rides for passengers or food delivery (more flexibility from Toggle, what a surprise). It’s like an airbag for your rideshare income. Sound like what you need? Take it for a spin.

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Today’s side hustles are tomorrow’s big business.

As a scrappy start-up in the insurance game, we know how it feels to chase after a big dream. There’s not a lot of security in trying to do what you love. So whenever we see people going after it, we like to lend a helping hand. We’re pulling for your side hustle to someday be your main hustle. Until then, let’s keep Side Hustle coverage Toggled On. 

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