Active Coverage: Not just for fitness fanatics

What is Toggle® Active Coverage? Well, to put it in active terms, it’s like insect repellent to ward against the bite of replacing the equipment you use when you’re not just hanging around your apartment or working at your computer or sleeping in your bed. It’s a great thing because one of the main reasons to have renters insurance is to help you protect your lifestyle. And your lifestyle includes what you do and the stuff you use to do it.

So, what is your definition of “active,” Toggle®?

You might be wondering if packing up your Eureka! tent and loading your four-wheel drive with outdoor gear for a trip into the high country or strapping your snowboarding gear on your back for a hike up the side of the mountain to find some untouched powder on a regular basis is the level of “active” it takes for someone to be the kind of person that Active Coverage is made for. Well, even if you’re more likely to watch Bear Grylls from the comfort of your sofa than you are to spend any time running up and down the side of a mountain, you probably have some stuff that you use when you’re not Netflix and chilling that you’d like to protect. After all, there are very, very few people who are 100 percent dedicated all-in couch potatoes. Do you ride a bike? Do you have a yoga mat and a water bottle? Do you go glamping? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Do you have outdoor sporting equipment, a kayak, hunting equipment, a set of golf clubs? If you sit down for a few minutes and take an inventory, you’ll see that you might have more active gear than you think. And the cost of all that stuff can really add up should a grizzly ever break into your campsite (or your hot yoga class) and start chewing it all to pieces. How good would it be to have some money to help you replace your stuff? Really, really good.

Woman Doing Yoga Stretch - Toggle Insurance Active Coverage Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

Customize your Active Coverage to your level of active.

At Toggle®, we broke the rules of insurance and replaced them with new ones that make it super easy to customize your renters insurance to fit your needs. That means it’s really simple to get extra coverage for your active gear from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. Inventory your gear and Toggle OnSM for coverage up to your additional active limits. You’ll be covered up to the limits you choose. Of course, you’ll get a price quote online, instantly — without having to wade through a swamp of call tree messages, “menu options that have just changed” or wait for a phone rep. With Toggle®, it’s easy to dial in your coverage to fit both your gear and your budget. And, if you have any item(s) worth more than $3,000, simply Toggle OnSM ‘High Value Item’ to up the single-item coverage limit. No matter if you’re planning to trek across the Himalayas1 or just ride your bike down to the corner for a latte, you can do it with some extra endorphins that come from knowing you’ve toggled on Active Coverage for your equipment, coverage that fits your situation.

Spin Class Bike and Workout Equipment - Toggle Insurance Active CoverageYou’ll have nothing to fear but fear itself. And, maybe, lightning. Or spiders.

Now that you’re getting this whole adulting thing rolling strong, you know how good it is to have your insurance game together. Toggle® Active Coverage lets you extend those vibes to the equipment you use when you’re out there doing the stuff you love to do. So, get your coverage, then get out there and be you, fearlessly, doing you. We will be watching for your posts on Instagram.

Surfers in The Ocean - Toggle Insurance Active CoveragePhoto by Bob Oh on Unsplash

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