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To fix renters insurance, we had to break it first

Old-school renters insurance companies deal in pretty standardized, inflexible “one-size-fits-all” policies — definitely not made for today’s reality. So we broke the whole thing down and started fresh. 

The result? Toggle®. It’s renters insurance you can actually — get this — customize. Because you’re not like other renters, and they’re not like you. Smash the refresh button on renters insurance and cover what you want, when you want. Hang on, there’s more…

 Renters Insurance with Extra Guac. - Toggle a Farmers Company
What is Toggle?
Here’s the cheat sheet:

What is Toggle? We’re an insurance company, specializing in renters insurance that gives you the freedom to cover more. Or to cover less. Instantly. It’s that simple, and it’s 100% you-powered. Hey, if your BFF can add caffeinated cheddar to a jackfruit burger, why can’t you add a vintage guitar amp to your policy? Yeah, we couldn’t think of a good reason either. Toggle On℠ the coverage, sit back and enjoy some sweet peace of mind.

Stephanie’s story.
Stephanie Lloyd is the Head Honcho here at Toggle. Is it important that our president is a woman? It certainly shouldn’t be, right? After all, she’s a certifiable genius with this stuff. She’s got deep, top-to-bottom experience in insurance product, pricing, strategy, underwriting, sales, biz dev — you name it. Toggle has it covered because Stephanie has it covered. Stephanie brings a fresh perspective to the industry. And when she chose her team, she brought a fresh point of view to that as well. Her lead permeates every aspect of our approach at Toggle. And when your mission is a revolution, you start at the top.

But what can we say about Stephanie that you can’t read for yourself at Inc. or Forbes? Go ahead, click on the links. We’ll be here when you get back.

Ready to Toggle?

Basic, The liability coverage many landlords require + a little coverage for your stuff. For about the price of a latte per month. - Standard, a step up from Basic for the person who has a little more stuff they want to cover. For around the price of a streaming service per month. - Premium, Next level coverage for folks living large with nicer items they want to protect. For roughly the price of a Sunday brunch per month.
Pick a subscription and get coverage options with a side of coverage options and coverage options on top. That’s coverage your way.

Our Basic coverage is anything but. Toggle On for liability coverage, which most landlords usually require, plus an extra dash of coverage for an extra dash of stuff. Can you afford it? Can you afford the price of another latte every month? You’ll be fine. No extra adulting required.

Standard is our middle lane. If you’ve got more personal belongings to cover, this could be the subscription for you. More stuff? Just Toggle On more coverage. All for about as much as your favorite streaming service per month. If you ever need to dial down the coverage and save some coin, you can Toggle Off what you don’t want at any time. Can you feel that? It’s power. Exercise it liberally.

Livin’ large? Premium coverage can help. Keep your high-value items on lock for about the price of one Sunday brunch per month. Toggle On some Premium and get back to the game, player. Coverage that’s Extra (moving on…)

Protecting the Great Indoors. - Toggle a Farmers Company
Technology Coverage
Is your phone important to you? Your gaming system? Your laptop? For most of us, that’s like asking if your vital organs are important to us. (Hint: They are.)

If it’s awesome and it’s electronic, chances are Toggle On Technology coverage helps protect it.

Computers, laptops, home networking equipment, drones, phones, personal digital assistants, wearable technology (including fitness trackers), virtual reality equipment, smart jewelry, e-readers, gaming systems, TVs, digital media players, stereo systems and home theater equipment. And fax machines... although we’ve never had anyone ask about a fax machine.

Coverage on the Road. Or the Rue.
Let’s say you’re in Rome, snapping a selfie, when your phone takes a tumble into the Trevi. Non é un problema! Toggle renters insurance coverage goes where you go. So you’re covered from Croatia to Coachella. No mo FOMO!

Pet Parent℠
Got a fur baby you love? OMG! So. 👏 Do. 👏 We! 👏 (Go ahead, check out Team Toggle’s pets below).

Pictures of Pets named Swagger, Georgie, Watson, Tiger, Tag, Lily and Gryffin, Beau, and Princess
Animals rule! But if pet ownership ever starts to get a little poopy, Pet Parent from Toggle can help clean up the mess — not literally, but stick with us. Most furry (or scaly, feathery, hairy or hairless) friends without a rap sheet are welcome to join the Toggle family. Sorry, Old McDonald. No goats or other farm animals allowed. This coverage is for pets, not livestock.

Pet Parent includes up to $100,000 coverage should your pets injure someone (other than you), no matter where in the world it happens. It also covers up to $500 in pet boarding costs if a covered loss or damage makes your residence temporarily unfit to live in. We’ll cover up to $500 beyond your security deposit for damage to your residence caused by your pet. And we’ll cover up to $500 for the veterinary care if your pet is injured as a result of a covered loss (in select states).

Extra treat for you: Toggle doesn’t limit coverage by dog breed, unlike other insurance providers.

Toggle Rewards
Accidents happen. (Boo!) But sometimes they don’t. (Hurray!) And when they don’t, we think that’s worth something big. Or, in this case, small. With Toggle, every year you go without a claim, you can get a little lift watching your deductible shrink, one chunk at a time, until it reaches rock bottom ($50, in available states).

High Value Items
Telephoto lens as long as your arm? Computer with more cores than an apple orchard? If you’ve got super-high-value stuff, Toggle On “High Value Items” for extra protection.

Here’s how it works: If you Toggle a coverage package above $3,000, we’ll ask you, “Want to cover any item for more than $3,000?”

Toggle “yes,” and you’re all set.

Now, your high-value item is not limited to the single-item max of $3,000. Your max payout for a covered loss is up to whatever limit you selected.

It's OK to Toggle “no,” if you want. But at least now you know how much coverage you have for your stuff. We find most insurance companies hide this single-item limit in the fine print. We thought it best to tell you upfront so you can make the right call. Go ahead. Have nice things. You earned them, and we can help you cover them.

Side Hustle®
Got a weekend gig that pays? Piled on pricey gig equipment that you can’t afford to lose? This insurance is like a sidecar to your day job. When you clock out, it clocks in. Weekend gigs, passion projects. Whatever keeps the dough rolling when you’re not in the office, Side Hustle keeps it on track. Like rehearsal at the pub, the D&D jewelry booth at the craft fair or the food blog that writes itself (except that you actually write it). You’re all over it. And so are we.

Identity Protector
Did you hear the joke about the identity thief? Of course you didn’t! Because there’s not one dang thing that’s funny about identity theft! That’s why we offer Identity Protector. It helps keep your life yours and yours alone.

And since your life exists pretty much everywhere at once these days, Toggle’s network of monitoring alerts, resolution support and reimbursement services helps make sure the joke is never on you.

Make healthy choices. - Toggle a Farmers Company
Credit Lift℠
Boost your credit for paying rent.
Hear that? The clapping? That’s Future-You giving Present-You a standing ovation for being proactive for once. Today, you don’t automatically get credit for paying rent like you do with a mortgage. The way we see it, that’s not cool to get “no credit where credit is due.”

So Toggle partnered with LevelCredit® to get you the credit — and the credit rating — you deserve for doing something we all do, pay rent. Like, 29 points on average, which is really cool!

It’s called Credit Lift for a reason. And it’s ready to help lift your credit score where it belongs.

Boom. Renters insurance all fixed.
You know, we spend our days redoing the always-been-dones of insurance and modernizing it to fit your needs. And then on weekends, we do other fun stuff.

At this point, you’re probably all fired up about renters insurance and want to check out Toggle, so here’s that link one more time.

May you rent confidently, adult adeptly and have a lovely day followed by several more.

For more on how to make the most out of your Toggle Renters insurance, check out this blog.

May all your fails be epic. - Toggle a Farmers Company

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