Sassy dolphins: a case for tech coverage

When you decide to reinvent renters insurance to work for modern renters, technology coverage is obviously at the top of the list. Seriously, is life really life without tech? So we decided to make our tech coverage completely cutting edge. This is a list of the top 8 reasons why Toggle® Technology Coverage has people saying, “It’s been nice, bowl of rice.”

1. Can you even do you without your technology?

Let’s do a little test. Put your phone facedown and see if you can avoid checking it from right now until you finish reading this listicle. Bet you start feeling a little twitchy, right? The point is, and we don’t need to belabor it, that tech is life and life is tech. So, protect your tech and protect your life. That’s what technology coverage from Toggle can help do for you, and we think you deserve it


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2. Liquids are everywhere!

You know it’s true. Liquids are technology’s kryptonite. Cups of coffee, beer and wine, water bottles, swimming pools, sassy dolphins splashing the crowd at dolphin shows, etc., etc., etc. These enemies are out there lurking around every corner waiting to drip their poison on your phone or watch or laptop. Even your gaming system or TV if things get out of hand at a party. A bowl of uncooked rice may not save you, but Toggle Technology Coverage will help you get back online. And not just for water damage either. It’s for the things that might not be covered with your extended warranty. Like what if you accidentally drop your new Apple iPhone 12 off the Eiffel Tower while taking a selfie? No problem! Toggle Technology Coverage includes accidental breakage!

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3. It’s not just for cell phones, computers and wearables.

If it’s got a computer chip in it, it’s likely you can Toggle On® tech coverage to help protect your investment.  

Since this is a listicle, here’s a list: computers, laptops, home networking equipment, drones (yes, drones!) less than 10 pounds, phones, wearable technology (including fitness trackers), VR equipment, smart jewelry, electronic readers, gaming systems, TVs, MP3 players, stereo systems, home theater equipment and related equipment and accessories — you get the idea. So, you might read this list and think, “But can technology coverage from Toggle cover my Beats headphones and my Pro Display XDR?” Yes, yes it can.


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4. Like the best things in life, it’s on demand.

Toggle Technology Coverage works just like Toggle Renters Insurance only it’s for your tech instead of your couch. We reinvented renters insurance to bring the experience of getting insurance into the modern age. Toggle Technology Coverage works in the same smart, easy, logical, customer friendly, not dusty, digitally native way. All you need to do is jump on and spend a few minutes dialing in the coverage you and your tech need.

5. Cover up to $10,000 in value for less than $4 a month.

Toggle Technology Coverage lets you cover up to $10K of your tech for less than the cost of one double-pump hazelnut latte with oat milk. And that’s on top of the blanket coverage your policy comes with. Just choose the items you want covered. The max value for a single item on this list is $3,000. But don’t worry — if there are items on your list that are worth more, we’ve got you.

6. Protect your spendiest tech for as little as $1 a month.

It’s hard to really think of anything that costs less than a dollar these days. A bottle of water? Not at the airport! Same goes for your unlimited data plan. Anyway, if you have items (like maybe your gaming, rig?) that are worth more than $3,000, all you have to do is Toggle On high-value items to help treat yourself to some peace of mind.

7. It can even cover “oopsie moments” you might want to forget.

We know that talking about failures is a major downer, so we tried to take the sting out of it. If your phone takes a ride in a Lyft without you, never to be seen again, we don’t judge. Same deal if your “friend” pushes you into the pool while you’re wearing your Apple Watch. We’re here for you.


8. An Ode to Toggle Technology Coverage.  

Tech is life. Life is tech. It’s a major bummer when your tech gets wet. Or gets taken. Or gets broken, especially when it’s not your fault. Protecting it should be a snap. As easy as anything on demand. We made it cheap. And made it good. So Toggle On technology like you know you should.

Now that you've got your tech covered, check out more adulting tips in this blog.

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