Bathroom to roomier: make your loo lovelier

Holy moly! Have you seen the size of the bathrooms Kim, Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloé and Kris roam around in when they’re doing their morning routine? They get about half their steps in every day just walking from the sink to the shower. Unless you got into Bitcoin on the ground floor, it’s going to be hard to keep up with that. But not to worry! You don’t have to be a billionaire influencer with your own cosmetics line — you can update your bathroom on a budget.

Double Vanity in Bathroom
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You just have to use a little creativity and ingenuity to make the most of your square feet. And in the world of apartments, no room puts such a premium on square feet like the bathroom. So as a service to all those with big dreams who are starting out in small apartments, we scoured the internet like a cleaning brush to come up with some great ideas to help you love the room where you start your day, and even impress your guests now that people will probably be coming over again soon.

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No major reconstruction required!

Hey, you’re a responsible renter with tenant insurance, aka “renters” insurance. So, we made sure to stick to tips that don’t require sledgehammers and power saws — you know, the kind of thing that might require you to file a renters insurance claim if a pipe accidentally broke and soaked your downstairs neighbors. You don’t need to do a full bathroom remodel anyway. A small bathroom makeover can go a long way toward making it feel roomy and fresh and getting all your makeup brushes, cotton balls, hand towels, bath towels, toilet paper and other assorted bathroom paraphernalia tucked away so it’s not cluttering up your space.

Tips for a bathroom you’ll feel more comfortable being naked in.

Everyone deserves to start their day in a bathroom that feels cheery, modern and inspiring. And just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped and crowded. These ideas will make your bathroom feel as refreshed as if it had just taken a nice shower. (Does that simile even work? How can a bathroom take a shower?) Anyway… Let’s go.

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Lighten Up. A small, dark bathroom feels like a small, dark cave. If you can put a coat of light-colored paint on without violating your lease, break out the brush. A monochromatic scheme works best. Some trendy colors: Soft Gray, Icy Blue, Seafoam Green, Warm White, Butter Yellow.

Basket Hanging on Hooks with Soaps Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Add Splashes of Bright Color. Keeping the overall color light and monochromatic doesn’t mean you have to shy away from colors altogether. A burst of color adds a burst of energy to any room. Inject color through the accessories you choose — for example, bold red hand towels and a bold red soap dispenser. This strategy also makes updating easy. All you have to do is switch out your accents and your bathroom has a fresh new look.

Bathroom with Plants - Toggle Insurance

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Use Mirrors. Everyone knows how bars and restaurants use mirrors to make their space look bigger and make more light bounce around. Steal that trick, bring it home and apply it to your bathroom. Well-placed bathroom mirrors give the illusion it’s bigger than it really is.

Hunt for Space Savers. A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s a smart rule to apply to your bathroom. Towel hooks, bins and wicker baskets, and small open shelving all give you a place for your stuff that keeps everything organized and looking good.

Bathroom Sink with Towels Hanging Near

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Hang Towel Bars. In a small bathroom, towel bars and hooks are your friend. They’re easy and simple to install and make it so you don’t have a bunch of towels cluttering up your space. 

Use Other Rooms for Storage Space. Just because toilet paper and towels are used in your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to take up precious bathroom storage space. A hall closet or even a cabinet in the kitchen might have room to hold that stuff so it’s not taking up premium space in your bathroom.

Bathroom with Plants For Decoration

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Use Ledges. Windowsills and other ledges that are already built into your bathroom are great places to add decorative items like candles, artwork and plants.

Create a Gallery Wall. No room is too small for artwork. Your bathroom has walls. Use them as a place to show your style. An eclectic grouping of photos and/or paintings will add interest and personality to your room without cluttering up your space.

Use a Decorative Ladder. A decorative ladder leaned up against the wall behind your toilet can be a great way to spruce the place up and provide room to hang towels at the same time.

White Tiled Bathroom Shower

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Link to cool bathroom stuff.

If you’ve been inspired to turn your bathroom into a room you love spending time in, check out this link we love to get started on finding the stuff that fits your style.

Etsy - seriously great side hustle creations of all kinds.*

Make over your bathroom. Make your day.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to turn your bathroom from meh to magnificent. Even little things like drawer dividers can make a big difference. Then you’ll be able to start every day in a room you love. And days that start right usually turn out to be good ones.

For tips on upgrading other areas of your life, check out our adulting blog.

Bathroom with Floral Wallpaper

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