Earn your blackbelt in insurance customization

So you want to dabble in the art of self-protection?


Custom renters insurance is power. In capable hands it can be harnessed to protect the most precious thingymajigs and doodads in your life. Right now you stand on the precipice of mastering this art.


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Will that involve a long, arduous journey and pushing your body to the extreme? Of course not. At Toggle® our whole thing is making it smarter and easier to get renters insurance. Leveling up your customizing skills is no exception. (BTW, your blackbelt is already waiting for you at the end of this blog.) Feeling calm? Excellent! Let the training begin.

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Warm-up: take stock of your stuff

Until now, you may have been confined to coverage that wasn’t designed for your life. So before you can customize you must free your mind from other renters insurance companies’ boxes. Freeing your mind to do this involves admiring and taking stock of your stuff. 

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Gaze upon your things and visualize their true value. One T-shirt may be cheap, but your whole wardrobe adds up quick. Now throw some jewelry into the mix. Layer on your technology, furniture and collectibles. Extend beyond your stuff to yourself. Passions. Side hustles. Oddly specific enthusiasm for Portuguese snowless tobogganing. See? You are beyond valuable. And we are ready to proceed to the skills that blossom into customization mastery.

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Toggle Up, Toggle Down, Toggle On™

Sliding sliders and flipping toggles. Simple actions that form the foundation of customizing your Toggle policy. But which way to slide? What do you flip? Patience. We’re about to get to that.

Slide to Customize Your Toggle Insurance The art of the sliding.

Sliders allow you to adjust coverage limits with extreme precision. They are there day and night. Go on and slip those sliders between $0 and $10,000 (or $20,000 for furniture and appliances) until you are satisfied. They lock in your coverage but aren’t set in stone. You can always log in to your Toggle account to adjust these bastions of flexibility.

Powerful Toggle Insurance Add-Ons

Toggle On powerful add-ons.

Mystical-like coverage options that grant you the power to protect the parts of your life some other renters insurance companies may not think about. These monthly renters insurance add-ons go far beyond the standard cover my stuff-renters insurance. Activate them with a single flick of a Toggle switch. Then feel your aura of protection grow stronger.

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The 7 Realms of Custom Protection

Now we can apply the skills we learned to the important stuff: coverage options. Each realm was created by us to help you protect the most important parts of your life.

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Tap into the cybernetic realm with Technology coverage

According to our Department of Completely Obvious Facts, Toggle Technology coverage is our members’ favorite category to customize. We love it so much we kindly asked tech-wizard Toggler Todd W. to make a movie about it.

Toggle Technology Insurance Coverage

Active coverage: the realm of physical activity

We move from the tech den to the sweat den. Active coverage is like a helmet for your active gear. It’s customizable to your level of active. (Hey, even if you’re 99% couch potato you’ve gotta have something that gets you moving.) It can cover everything from your basic yoga mat to your tricked-out road bike.

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Creative + Maker coverage, your craftiest test yet

Love to create, make and tinker? This could be the coverage for you. It can cover the tools of your non-trade that help you keep it crafty. Knitting needles, laser cutters, sewing machines, power tools and so many of the essential tools in your creative war chest.

Woman Holding PhotoAdd on protection for the cuddly realm with Pet Parent® coverage

We love cuddly companions of all types and breeds. We also know they can have some less-than-lovable moments. So we built Toggle Pet Parent coverage as something different from your standard pet insurance. This add-on is true pet renters insurance because it’s all about helping you protect yourself from the bite of any unexpected behavior. The ultimate answer to the question, “Does renters insurance cover pet damage?” — with the power of customization, it can. 

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Side Hustle® coverage adds on coverage for your gig life

So you’ve decided to make some cash on the side. Congrats! You have a side hustle. How do you protect those tools now that they’re your moneymakers? You Toggle On our exclusive Side Hustle coverage. It can help you protect the stuff that makes you money, the money you make, and legal fees if you need to summon lawyers to fight a contract dispute.

Person Playing Guitar - Toggle Insurance Side Hustle Coverage Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

Replacement Cost coverage: the realm of your stuff’s second life

This realm gives you the power of choice of how you want your stuff replaced. Our standard policy replaces items at their actual value today. That’s known as ACV. Should you Toggle On Replacement Cost coverage — RCV as it’s known in the industry — we’ll reimburse you the amount that you’d need to buy a shiny new one of similar model and quality (up to the coverage limit you selected). This is the closest you’ll get to resurrecting things from the dead.

Guy Dropping TV - Toggle on Replacement Insurance Coverage

Hit the realm of the open road with Toggle Auto

We had so much fun reinventing renters insurance we decided to give car insurance the same treatment. Toggle Auto offers the same powers of customization as our renters insurance. We gave it swiftness with quotes that update in real time and coverage options that we think fit with the roads of today. Take a look under the hood before it rolls out to your state.

Girl Holding Hot Sauce and Popcorn

Combine the forces of flexibility and portability

Life switches up in an instant. With Toggle, you gain the powers of flexibility and portability to help take on the unexpected. Your Toggle account is there day and night for you to adjust your coverage to new passions and purchases. (All you need to do is remember your training in sliding and flipping.) Your protection is also portable because Toggle renters insurance travels with you. You take your coverage with you if you’re going somewhere in town or on a trip abroad.

Person on Mountain - Toggle Renters Insurance TravelPhoto by Andreas Chu on Unsplash

Set forth and explore more realms
You have climbed the ranks and proven yourself worthy. Now you must take your skills and explore more corners of the customization universe on your own. The valley of Temporary Living Costs, the land of $100,000 liability renters insurance, the dungeon of stuff covered in storage lockers. There are many lands for you to explore and shape until you conquer them all.

Blackbelt on Person’s Thumb

Time to claim your blackbelt
We have nothing left to teach you. You are now a renters insurance customization master. So, as promised, we are proud to present you with your Toggle blackbelt. Print it off, tape it up and wear it proudly on your customizing finger. You earned this.

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