Moving story: a new lease on love

Love at first showing.

From the moment you pulled up and got out, you knew this was the one. The entryway nestling you like the embrace of strong arms. You tiptoed through the foyer, hardwood glistening in the afternoon sun. Soaking up every square inch on the walk-through of what you already knew was your new rental. Your head swims with thoughts. Will your current rental property know you’re taken? Will it smell the freshly painted walls on you, or catch a showing brochure gently falling out of your jacket pocket before you can scramble to pick it up? You shake your head. It doesn’t matter. This is about passion. If you must love where you live, this love can’t be confined, even by county lines. You take the plunge. Slip over the deposit check. The deed is done.

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Now there is no turning back, and we don’t want you to, because we are coming along with you on this wild ride called love. But before this love story can unfold, it’s time to break the news to your soon-to-be-ex-rental and, you know, actually do the move. Worry not, your Toggle® wing-surer is here to help you prepare for the big day with portable renters insurance and a lovely suggested moving checklist, and most importantly, to love your new rental with you.

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Taking the plunge, making the move.

Okay, you’ve found someone, erm, somewhere else. Now what do you do? Leave in the middle of the night in the heat of passion, never to be seen again? As professionals in the insurance game, we advise not. No one likes left-behind deposit fees or leaving on bad terms. So we’re here to help you make this apartment uncoupling as seamless as possible with only the water damage left behind as water under the bridge. We want this move to be easy on everyone. So we broke it down step-by-step.

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8 Weeks from Bliss.

You’re two months out, but all you have are the new apartment jitters on your mind. It’s all you can think about, you can’t sleep, you can’t eat and you might need a moving company to help you get through it. Even if you decide to brave it on your own, you’ll be thankful for stepping back and doing a bit of the planning now.


  • You’ve found the one, and it’s a dream come true.
  • Start asking your friends if they have plans on your big day. (It’s nice to have your close friends there for emotional support, and to lift a box or two.)
  • Start researching the best moving companies in your area.
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6 Weeks from Bliss.

Getting a little closer now, and feelings are still as strong as ever. Locking that lease down now is especially important if you’re in a hot real estate market with lots of hot single renters. You know it’s still a while away, but the anticipation is almost too much to bear! Don’t let these thoughts sidetrack you. A beautiful sunset hand in hand with your new love’s balcony railing will be here soon.

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  • Your love has been approved.
  • Softly break the news to your current apartment and their family (landlord). 
  • The lease has been signed. (Peace of mind at last!) 
  • Movers are booked with one of the many moving companies in your area.
  • Or perhaps you’re a hopeless romantic and want to save money. In that case you’ll want to book the necessary equipment like a moving truck, boxes and bubble wrap.
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4 Weeks from Bliss.

You’re halfway to your dream place, but as reality sinks in...maybe you’re having second thoughts. This is perfectly natural after all of the passion and emotions have died down. Bury those thoughts by starting to sort through and organize your old belongings. It will help you find closure and, more importantly, show how much stuff you have to move. Then the next time you gaze upon a photo of your breathtaking new place, your feelings will be back stronger than ever.


  • Pull a Marie Kondo and start deciding what items you’re keeping to take with you, and what items you’re ready to part with. 
  • Once you decide what you’re keeping, you can go ahead and start packaging everything you don’t need until after the move in bubble wrap like a Fabergé egg. If you need help, check out our Toggle Perks page for great deals on packing and moving. 
  • Start canceling recurring subscriptions or updating them with your soon-to-be address.

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 2 Weeks from Bliss.

Daydreaming is for lovers. You deserve a little rest.

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  • Take a break to rest and daydream about life with your new rental.

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1 Week from Bliss.

Back to full-blown passion. Just one week until you’ll be in the doorway of desire. This is when you’ll want to go ahead and start getting squared away on all of those last-minute things. It’s also time for the most important, monumental moment of any move: updating your renters insurance. Which, if you have Toggle and are moving in-state, is a total breeze. Just log in to your account and update your address. If you’re moving out-of-state, stick around for those tips at the end of the blog.


  • Update your renters insurance. (If you don’t have Toggle you can use this time to apply for renters insurance online with coverage that fits you and your new place.)
  • Update your address with USPS.
  • Transfer utilities and arrange for service to end at your old place the day after you move.
  • Contact your service provider to have internet set up and running on move-in day.
  • Work with your new property managers to lock down elevator access.
  • Double-check that your moving company is still in for your big day.

Arrange a sitter to watch your pets. (And also consider Toggling On our exclusive pet renters insurance add-on, Pet Parent®.)

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1-3 Days Out.

The day is so close. The butterflies are doing their happy dance! It’s time to blissfully pack away everything you can. You’re in the love zone. The only breakdowns here are breaking down flatpack furniture for smooth moving. By the day before your big move, your apartment should look like your furnitureless post-college apartment (minus the pizza boxes and spent cans since you’re a full-blown adult now). All that’s left is boxes and you, the proud elite tenant.

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The Big Day.

It’s finally here! The day to celebrate true love and maybe stainless steel appliances. You’ve dreamed long and hard to make this day run as smooth as your new hardwood floors. Get up early and get moving. Whether you have movers helping you, or a few friends, the only thing between you and your new dream place is a keychain full of romantically mismatched keys.


  • Wake up early.
  • Get in contact with your moving crew.
  • Start moving!
  • Leave time for a final check to make sure nothing is left behind.

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The beginning of forever (until you decide to move again).

Love can be exhausting, and so is moving. The best feeling after a long move is getting that pizza delivered to your new place, cracking open your favorite drink and soaking in your new surroundings. May we suggest a nightcap of a little light unpacking?

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Long distance love.

As we mentioned before, if you’re moving in-state and want to keep your Toggle coverage, just update your address. Boom. Covered. If you’re making a long distance move across state lines (we’re in 26 of them), shoot us a note and we’ll see if we can get your coverage set up there. We know love this strong can overcome any barriers.

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As long as you’re with us, we’re always coming with you.

We love to help renters protect themselves wherever they want to take life. So we designed Toggle’s coverage to stick by your side in your place and wherever you go. Just think of all the romantic adventures you can take on with renters insurance that helps you protect your stuff in your place or trips abroad and everywhere in between.

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