Mood boosters to blast you through this year

Buckle up, your mood is about to get boosted.

When Neil Armstrong walked toward the NASA rocket at Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969, 13:32:00 UTC, he wasn’t focused on what he couldn’t do. He was focused on what he could do. You may not be a NASA astronaut (if you are, wow, awesome), but we want you to focus on the possibilities in front of you. So let’s kick out the strict New Year’s resolutions that keep you tethered to the ground. We’re here to cheer you on and make sure everything runs smoothly as you walk up to the mood-boosting launchpad.

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So put on your comfiest space suit, get in your rocket ship and prepare for liftoff. We’re taking you on an atmospheric journey from one-person dance parties all the way through guided meditations. This one-way trip to happiness in zero gravity begins in 3.....2.....1…renter, you’re cleared for boostoff.

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Turn your apartment into a one-person dance club.

Growing up, you always danced alone in your room with the door closed. What happened to that? Sure, you might occasionally hit the dance floor on a night out, but that’s tough when you’re bundled in your favorite puffy coat. Movement is a natural mood booster. So if you’re staying in to avoid the bitter cold, let’s bring the dance floor to the apartment. Your neighbors might not always love the beat, but who cares — you’re dancing your way to personal empowerment!

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Here’s how you get started: think Madonna in the “Hung Up” music video, minus the leotard and dance heels. Unless that’s your vibe. Move the coffee table, crank your favorite dance playlist and start cutting a rug (obviously not literally, we are still a renters insurance company). You can dance like nobody’s watching, because in your house, if you’re not dancing, no one is. You can even bring a roommate into the mix and give the lift scene from Dirty Dancing a try. The hottest new club in town is Club Apartment. At this club you (and maybe a roommate or two) are always on the VIP list.

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Go out? Namaste in for the night.

We’re cranking down the volume, but the mood boost is still loud. With the sun logging off way early, this is the perfect opportunity to use yoga for a supremely flexible mood boost. So shut that laptop, roll out your yoga mat, take a deep breath and get ready to feel good. Yoga is useful for reflection and setting goals. It allows us to gain control over our bodies and minds.

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No worries if you’ve never yoga-ed before. There’s a yoga pose to fit every level of flexibility (you’d be hard pressed to find other renters insurance companies that love flexibility as much as us). Need a little grounding? Try a mountain pose. Or go for a classic downward dog after too much time couch potato-ing. With a little practice you can turn that into an upward-facing dog that opens your chest and reminds you to clean the ceiling fan.

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Get your pooch to pucker up...with the lime challenge.

Pets are already great mood boosters. If you have a pet, take things up a level and see how they react after trying their first lime. Sour faces can be a surprisingly good mood booster. (P.S. If you’ve ever wondered “does renters insurance cover pet damage” you’ll definitely want to check out Toggle® Pet Parent® coverage.)

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Apart-fit boot camp.

OK, great break. Let’s get back to annoying the neighbors. This time, in the name of physical health. During the winter months, it’s easy to let our physical activities dwindle while we’re cooped up in our apartments. Luckily, there are many exercises you can do right in your bedroom, living room or kitchen if you live in a studio.

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When making your workout routine, feel free to lean on the classics: push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, bicycles and planks. If you don’t have the motivation to make your own routine, there are countless workout videos to have someone yell at you while you do the moves. Besides being great for your physical health, exercise is also vital for your mental health. If you’re going to raise your heart rate, it’s smarter to use physical activity than rely on stress. Check out our Toggle Perks page for great deals on exercise classes and equipment.


Give yourself the gift of this light therapy GIF.

The lack of natural light during winter months isn’t great for our moods. Psychologists literally call being bummed out by winter SAD (short for Seasonal Affective Disorder). (Science, who hurt you?) So when you need a boost by bright light, stare at this GIF for a bit. Or forever.

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Use guided meditation to transcend messy roommate drama.

You have roommates. You’ve all been cooped up in your apartment all winter. That’s a recipe for messy drama. It’s natural for even the most elite tenants to get a little testy with each other. Meditation is a great way to block out all the arguing and any negative vibes, so guide yourself right out that metaphorical door with some guided meditations. Especially if you’re a beginner, the endless supply of videos on meditation YouTube can get you on your way toward positive thought and stress reduction.

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Get hygge with it.

Since you’re already spending an obscene amount of time in your apartment, why not make the most of it and make your apartment truly cozy? Go full hygge with pillows, thick blankets, comfort food and your favorite TV show. Swaddle yourself in full winter glory and dare it to bring down your mood.

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Some boosts for your senses.

The tactile joy of a blanket is just the beginning. You can tap into all five senses to boost your mood. Swap out your boring soft white light bulbs for color-changing LEDs to change the mood on a regular basis. A little light therapy can go a long way.

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Scent is also essential. While scented candles are nice, we think it’s safer to go flameless. You can get the same effect by trying aromatherapy essential oils. People have been using those to improve their mind and body health for years. And, while pricey, this is still a money-saving tip because have you seen candle prices? Nobody’s got fancy wax money.

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Gaze upon these happy penguins.

Penguins are experts on all things winter. If these happy penguins don’t boost your mood, you might need to check your pulse.


Sometimes you just gotta frolic.

If you’ve tried everything above and are still not feeling boosted in your place, let’s ditch it. It’s easy to feel tempted to remain snuggled up on your warm, cozy couch, but some fresh air and vitamin D can make us feel really good. Strap on your best boots and slip into your puffiest coat to grab some surprising winter rejuvenation with a brisk winter run. (Or walk, if running isn’t your style.) As a bonus, if you get renters insurance from Toggle our coverage will be right there with you if your stuff disappears into a snowbank. (However unlikely that may seem.)

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