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Dear Toggler:

Thanks to your loyal patronage of our modern, reinvented insurance coverage, we present to you Toggle® Perks. This vast collection of perks is yours to keep. These aren’t some middle seat, off-cycle airline miles; this portfolio of perks is tailored to your savvy, modern, and affordable monthly renters insurance and auto insurance lifestyle. Here’s how to save money while still living bad and bougie on a budget.

And if you’d like to suggest a perk to add to the collection, the Perks Team at Toggle will do their best to make that happen. Keep reading and you’ll realize the luxe life isn’t out of reach.

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First up: pet pampering perks.

Furry four-legged friends are the best kind of friends. Which is why we have an amazing range of deals on pet products and services just for Toggle pet parents and their BFFs. Whether you’re looking for nutrition options for health-conscious pets, the hottest pet toys, tasty treats, or a reliable dog walker, you can find it (and more) on the Toggle Perks page. 

However smart, sophisticated, and refined your pet may be, stuff happens. Consider also toggling on Pet Parent®coverage. It’s pet liability insurance for renters to help you protect yourself and your apartment from those not-so-cute, surprisingly expensive moments that come with pet parenthood.

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Perks to tantalize the taste buds. 

Cultivating a taste for luxury? Realistically, the habit of grabbing a daily $15 salad for lunch and then eating out for dinner is wonderful, but it can eat a hole in your monthly budget. Cooking for yourself to save some dough is nothing new, but a time-honored way to slash your salad budget and pamper yourself all in one crack. There are many budget-friendly entrees to explore while grocery shopping besides ramen, but every Michelin star chef knows some of the best recipes are actually very cheap recipes. With a dash of experimentation and a few good cooking techniques, anyone can make inexpensive ingredients taste posh.

Check out who we’ve teamed up with on the Toggle Perks page to delight your tongue and thrill your wallet. Filter to “Food & Drink” for delicious discounts on things like meal kits, takeout, grocery delivery, and more, all served up to you on a golden platter.

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Up next: perks to hit the pavement with.  

Do you smell that? That’s the fresh scent of highway freedom. Yes, it hits different; it’s far more affordable. Ditch the airlines and take a short road trip on an extended weekend. There are always new sights to see, and Togglers can get the hookup to exclusive discounts and offers on rental cars. While you’re gone, another money-saving move is to rent your really cool place out on sites like Airbnb (where permitted); your gas tank may be empty, but your wallet could be full when you return.

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Rental over retail perks.

Well, renting expensive stuff is just about the greatest thing ever. Say you’re going to your friend’s wedding, and you need something to wear. That something can be a pricey, single-use item. Rent it! They say not to take attention away from the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent your way to runner-up.  

Renting furniture? Yes, that’s a thing. Get a couch to flop down on without making your finances go plop. Couch inflation is out of control these days. Plus, they usually deliver. Which means your back will thank you. And your bank account will thank you. For deals on trendy furniture, storage, and moving services, visit Toggle Perks and filter to “Home & Living.”

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Apartment perkification perks.  

Optical illusion for ya: radically simplify your apartment layout and remove clutter to make it feel luxe, large, and Le Palace of Versailles (pre-French Revolution of course). Less stuff makes a room feel bigger. Seek assistance with Toggle Perks offers on professional moving and organization. Once you’ve purged the place of nonessentials, you might find that the next thing it needs is a good deep clean or a little design refresh. Visit the Toggle Perks page for sleek discounts and offers on these and more under “Home & Living.”

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Bougie bouquet perks.  

We live in a modern world. Buy yourself flowers. Take yourself on dates. Ask whoever you want out on a date. Not to sound cocky, but our hand-picked perks are gorgeous. So are flowers. If you’d like to make it look like you have suitors lined up, purchase several cheap but different generic supermarket bouquets and mix them up for more organic variation. If you’d rather spoil yourself with flowers delivered directly to your place, there are Toggle Perks for that. If you simply want to be nice, or you owe someone an apology, flower delivery is great for that too. You can also have them sent routinely to your office. You’ll be the envy of all your coworkers (we won’t tell). 

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Pamper yourself perks.

While continually visiting the spa will leave your face exfoliated and moisturized, it may also leave your bank account feeling a little dried up. We have a secret; it’s the hottest spa in town and only you have the keys…because it’s your apartment. Get your softest robe, dim the lights, spark up some candles, and let the bath bombs fizz. Should you have lingering, leftover flowers from a recent “admirer,” repurpose those petals and sprinkle in the tub. Just be mindful that you place the candles in a safe area. We’re an insurance company, so we care about things like that. Also new drapes are expensive. For a next-level, super authentic spa experience, train your dog or cat to walk up and down your back. Share a video of that, please. Toggle Perks include deals from an enriching arrangement of health and wellness brands. Once you get to the perks page, filter to “Health & Beauty.”

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Pull up in style perks.

Car-care is self-care. The more you keep up with the maintenance, the less likely your car will break down, which could save you a truckload of money. Put on your overalls and get under the hood. Things that are easy to DIY, like oil changes and air filter swaps, can save you the big bucks.

And if you’ve always wanted a certain luxury car, buying one a few years old can take a big chunk off the price too. No matter what year your car is, consider getting it professionally cleaned and detailed. Your car will roll out looking like a Rolls-Royce. As a Toggler, you have access to a collection of shiny perks. Filter to the “Auto & Transportation” section for these. Who doesn’t like to save on car maintenance and gas?

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Have a brand you’re hyped about, but didn’t see a perk for them?

We hope you have enjoyed perking with us. There are still more perks to be had! Piles of perks. Because the next best thing to being filthy, filthy rich is feeling like you’re filthy, filthy rich. And even if you don’t think you’re living in luxury, your things are probably worth a lot more than you think and you may still want to get renters insurance. Visit to quickly get your rate and apply for renters insurance online.

If you’re already a Toggler and didn’t see a perk here that you’re interested in, go to Toggle Perks and check out the rest. We’re always striving to bring you the best-est perks that suit your interests, so if you have a specific perk in mind, let us know below. We’ll work to get an offer your way. We love to collab with other brands.

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